About MADS

Our History

Melbourne Auto Door Service (MADS) was established in 1999, by Managing Director –  Darren Farquhar. The company was founded on principles of providing good and honest service to clients. Darren was not alone in his endeavors to build MADS into a successful business. Debbie Nunn, loyal friend and brains trust to Darren, helped play a critical role in establishing the corporate side of the business. As the business has grown over the years, Darren has been fortunate to bring his two children on board. The addition of his children has given MADS the organic family approach to managing clients, which involves bringing clients into the MADS family and treating all customers with due respect and care.

Another vital addition to MADS in recent times is the addition of Mauricio Munoz. Mauricio’s extensive history in the commercial sector has given MADS a more holistic approach to managing operations and ensuring quality through all facets of the business.

Through the inputs of a hardworking and loyal team, MADS has grown over the years to service a large number of clients and deliver quality workmanship along the way. The company was founded on strong values and these have followed through the business for over 15 years.

Our Values

Our core value for our customers to understand is that we see every door as an asset to our clients’ business. As such, we seek to act faithfully and honestly when addressing each job, to ensure we are acting in the best interests for our clients assets. This includes honest reporting on servicing needs and providing the best solutions for long-term economic value for our clients.

Other core values which drive MADS include:

– Highest quality customer service
– Service with Integrity
– Drive efficiency with the latest technology
– Maintaining highest level of standards


MADS also believes strongly in lasting relationships with our clients. Whether you are a large national organisation or small business, we value establishing personal relationships built on trust and reliability.

Our Services


We offer diagnostics on doors to allow clients to potentially know about failures in advance


We can service and maintain any automatic or manual door

New installations

MADS can install new automatic and manual doors

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