Darren Farquhar


Darren started in the Automatic Door Industry in 1995 at RPN Automatics. There he learned the necessary skills to become one of the most well recognised Technicians in the Industry within Victoria.
After 4 years with RPN Automatics, Darren decided to establish Melbourne Automatic Door Services Pty Ltd. The decision to establish his own company was driven by a passion to provide good and honest customer service to clients. In his own words, “its easy to front up to a client and tell them that their asset is redundant and they need a new one! However, to be able to review any door and advise clients that they have options available to them such remedial works and maintenance is harder. It takes skill and knowledge”

Darren’s journey in the industry continued through strategic business acquisitions of ADIS Automatic Doors Vic and Auto Door Services, within 2 years of setting up MADS. This was only achievable through the assistance of his loyal Friend/ Corporate Service/Brains Trust, Debbie Nunn. “Debbie has been there from day one, that kind of trust is priceless”

Darren’s passion to service and deliver first class customer service continues to filter through every member of staff that works for MADS. His mission is to be the leading state-wide provider of installation, servicing and maintenance management services across a diverse  range of Automatic Door Systems in the Industry. A testament of this is that the company is one of the few in Victoria that can service any Automatic Door Type. In Darren’s own words, “No matter what door type or manufacturer, we can service it! This is the kind of attitude, expertise and level of service clients are missing out on and we can deliver that 24/7 across Victoria no matter how big or small the task is.”

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