MADS Quality Policy

MADS’s management recognises that the professional services offered and provided to clients must be a clear response to client’s requirements and equal or better industry standards.

MADS’s objectives are to ensure:

  • Sound Solutions, reflecting the client’s requirements and Regulatory Standards
  • Delivery of Environmentally Responsible Solutions, tailored to the client’s needs
  • On time delivery of Services
  • Delivery of defect free services / products to the best of our ability
  • Continually review our business’s objectives for their effectiveness

In order to achieve these objectives, it is important that MADS clearly understands its client’s requirements and implements and maintains an effective and efficient Business Management System.

The Business Management System adopted by MADS is based on the requirements of AS/NZS IS0 9001:2008 as a minimum. It is designed to meet these objectives, reflect management’s attitude to quality and their commitment to clients by understanding and meeting contractual obligations so MADS and its clients can mutually benefit from the relationship.

MADS is committed to the systematic management of each individual associated with the provision of professional services. Quality cannot be delivered by procedural system and available technology alone; it requires the application of care, undertaking consideration and imagination by each participating individual to deliver quality.