MADS OH&S Policy

MADS recognises its legal and social responsibility to provide a healthy and safe workplace, and to protect the health, safety and welfare of our employees. MADS is committed to our clients requirements, employees and general public in performing our services to a level of equal or better than the industry best practice and other standards where applicable in relation to health & safety.
With the commitment of top management, MADS has set the following objectives for health & safety:

  • Provide a workplace which eliminates the risk of injury/illness to our employees.
  • Comply with all statutory requirements with regard to existing OH&S standards, regulations and codes of practice, as the minimum acceptable level.

In order to achieve these objectives, it is important that we clearly understand the requirements placed on ourselves from our clients, employees and the general public on issues relating to health and safety, via the implementation of the following actions:

  • Maintain a clear system of responsibility and accountability of management and employees,
  • Development and application of occupational health and safety procedures and practices, which are, as a minimum, in accordance with statutory requirements;
  • Provision of induction and ongoing occupational health & safety training and education programs for all levels of management and staff;
  • Maintain hazard assessment and control procedures which follow, as far as practicable, a hierarchy of control based on elimination, substitution, engineering, administrative controls and personal protective equipment;
  • Maintain effective reporting, recording and investigation and corrective / preventative actions for all workplace injury/illness and incidents.

The health & safety system adopted by MADS is based on the requirements and objectives of AS/ NZS 4801:2001 as a minimum. Top MADS management are committed to delivering a health & safety system that meets their objectives.
The health & safety system and policy is reviewed periodically to improve health & safety awareness and performance. All management and staff are encouraged to work co-operatively to effectively implement the health & safety system and its policy.