MADS Environmental Policy

MADS recognises its legal and community responsibility in the prevention of pollution and other adverse impacts on the environment resulting from our day to day services. To achieve these respective goals a continuous improvement program has been implemented which is regularly monitored and audited.

With the commitment of top management, MADS seeks to;

  • Meet and exceed statutory and regulatory requirements and best-practice guidelines in environmental performance;
  • Consult with employees, suppliers and the community where applicable on environmental issues;
  • Implement environmental sustainable service principles; and
  • Minimise any adverse impacts we have on the environment, through efficient use of resources and ongoing reductions in emissions and waste.

Our Environmental objectives are;

  • Encourage all levels of management and staff to adhere to and contribute ideas, in improving our current environmental practices for all the services we provide;
  • Take into account environmental factors when considering our future business plans
  • Minimise waste and the consumption of energy, water and other consumables, so as to provide a cleaner environment for future generations;
  • Encourage a culture of sustainability “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” in our day-to-day activities as a business.
  • Undertake regular monitoring and provide reporting against these indicators to staff and other stakeholders where appropriate

The environmental system adopted by MADS is based on the requirements ISO14001:2004 as a minimum.

This Environmental policy will be continually reviewed, amended where appropriate and monitored to improve standards, awareness and performance.

All management and staff must work co-operatively to effectively implement this policy.